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How UEP works for you

As a licensed aggregator, UEP has the unique ability to engage multiple suppliers and auction your account to elicit the most competitive bid for your energy accounts. You choose the product, indicate your requirements, provide a deadline, and we do the rest. UEP’s professional energy advisors will RFP the suppliers in our partner network and negotiate on your behalf. This process guarantees your organization the most competitive price and term. We help your organization save time, effort, and money. We conduct the research on electricity prices, contract terms and conditions, and other services that your organization needs, and we recommend the top 2 energy supplier proposals that best meet your organizational requirements.

UEP understands how difficult auditing energy market trends, and comparing supply, prices and supplier reliability can be. UEP’s professional energy advisors will do the work for you, saving you time, effort, and money. Consistently offering the lowest and most reliable rates available industry wide, UEP will help you pay less for your vital energy expenditures.

UEP offers a broad range of plans to help you manage your organization’s electricity and natural gas costs. We’ve helped businesses of a variety of sizes and types protect their bottom line against uncertain and volatile energy prices. With the reliability, size, and experience of our partners, along with the experience and expertise of our professional energy advisors, we’ll be here to serve you today and well into the future, UEP provides you with the options you need as your business grows and markets evolve.

Our Services

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy purchases help you reduce your carbon footprint and can foster the investment and growth of renewable energy generation. Renewable energy and renewable energy credits are available

Block Index

You pay a fixed price for a specified amount of electricity based on the time period, month or season you would like to cover. In other words, this plan allows you to lock-in a portion of your load at a fixed price, while letting the remainder float with the market. Hourly usage over or under the specified amount is settled based on an agreed upon index. Rates for Index + Block Solutions tend to be lower than for Fixed Price products since there are no hourly risk shaping or imbalance premiums.

Variable Price Plan

A variable price plan varies from month-to-month, as the energy price floats with prevailing market rates. You energy price can go up or down without notice on any given month. This plan allows customers comfortable with price fluctuations to benefit from energy market declines, and lock-in a fixed price when market conditions are more favorable.

Fixed Price Plan

A fixed price plan provides predictability with a fixed price that’s guaranteed for a given term. Customers seeking price certainty to budget their energy dollars with confidence avoid sudden spikes in energy prices and decrease their exposure to costs that may impact their bottom line with this plan.

Environmentally Friendly Plan

Did you know that most of the "green energy" offered by suppliers isn't quite as green as you might think? The resources used to generate most energy categorized as green energy is typically just the state minimum, or up to about 20%. UEP offers 100% renewable energy through our trusted suppliers. Renewable energy is a bit more expensive, but you can't really put a price tag on a cleaner environment.

Customized Pricing

Customized Pricing reduces a suppliers risk when purchasing electricity resulting in a lower cost to the consumer. A supplier looks at your historical usage patterns and prices your electricity based on your actual usage, load, and demand.

Tell us what your needs are and allow the UEP professional energy advisors recommend the right plan, or blend of plans, that meet your needs.

Renewable Energy Certificates

UEP offers RECs to SMB customers interested in earning government incentives for environmentally responsible energy choices. Visit for information on what the government offers as an incentive in your state. For more information on RECs and how they work, please visit our United States Environmental Protection Agency website at the following link: Click Here