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Go Green

Environmentally Friendly Plan

Did you know that most of the "green energy" offered by suppliers isn't quite as green as you might think? The resources used to generate most energy categorized as green energy are typically just the state minimum, or up to about 20%. UEP offers 100% renewable energy through our trusted suppliers. Renewable energy is a bit more expensive, but you can't really put a price tag on a cleaner environment.

Other ways to go green

Connecticut customers can enroll at CT Clean Energy Options is a Department of Public Utilities Control (DPUC) approved program that allows any CL&P or UI customer the opportunity to support clean energy made from approved renewable resources such as wind and small hydro. Customers who enroll continue to receive electric delivery service from their utility, generation supply from their utility or competitive electric generation supplier, and pay an additional small clean energy surcharge. If your community has joined the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities program, you are also helping your city or town qualify for a free solar electric system for a public building. It's an easy way to make a difference for your community, for Connecticut, and for our world.

Renewable Energy Certificates

UEP offers RECs to SMB customers interested in earning government incentives for environmentally responsible energy choices. Visit for information on what the government offers as an incentive in your state. For more information on RECs and how they work, please visit our United States Environmental Protection Agency website at the following link: Click Here

How UEP works for you

As a licensed aggregator, UEP has the unique ability to join two or more customers into a single purchasing unit to negotiate the purchase of electricity from electric suppliers at a reduced cost. We shop for our customers and help them to save time, effort, and money. UEP conducts research on electricity prices, contract terms and conditions, and other services that consumers want, and we recommend or assign the electric supplier and product that best meets our customers’ needs. In other words, we represent YOU!

UEP offers low and reliable prices, security, and savings. Start saving now!